Manhattan BBC Co-Chair

Louise Burwell is the mother of three adult children and a grandmother. She was born and raised in New York City. She has always been an active parent in her East Harlem Community. When her children entered school she became involved. She went from parent volunteer to a New York Certified Teacher. She received her degree in a Bachelor in Science for Forensic Psychology. Then she went back to school and received a Masters of Science in Teaching. She is now a retired teacher, but still an Educator. After retiring she stayed home for awhile and did some traveling, eventually she started teaching at National Alliance of Mental Illness(NAMI). She started getting involved with community activities. Currently she is working as a volunteer at the East Harlem Community Partnership as a Community Ambassador. They are helping people to empower them to get involved in their own communities and needs.

“The BBC meaning for me is being a connection to the people who are in a situation that I once was in. Letting the community and families know that they are not alone. I’m able to empathize with them, because I once was in their situation. The BBC is the voice for voiceless, I’ve heard this quote before and I think it is a great way to describe what the BBC means to me.”

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