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Join our Youth Advisory Council!

Join our Youth Advisory Council!

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Youth and Young Adults

As a young person, YOUR VOICE MATTERS!  Your experiences with the New York City education system, mental health providers, foster care, juvenile justice, and other child-serving systems give you special insights into what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be improved.  We need you to share your voice so that we can support advocacy efforts to ensure that all child and youth-serving systems are meeting the needs of those who are being served by them.  Your voice and input will inform policymakers and community service providers about the challenges and barriers to providing the best supportive programs for NYC/NYS children and young adults. 

Be part of the solution!

  • Join our Youth Advisory Council!
  • Attend a Borough Based Council meeting
  • Join Youth Power! YOUTH POWER! is a New York State network run for and by youth and young adults. We work to ensure young people have meaningful involvement on all levels of the services they receive. We ensure the availability of Peer Support through persistent advocacy, technical assistance and by offering training and education opportunities.
  • Share resources and events with CCSI members