Bronx BBC Co-chair


Jonathan Reyes is the Bronx BBC Provider Co-Chair and also the Community Engagement Coordinator for New York Psychotherapy and Counseling Center. He is a Bronx native who has his degree in psychology and currently is a Intern Therapist at NYPCC. As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Jonathan is exposed to the needs of the families and communities in the Bronx. He is the father of two girls and is passionate about mental health issues and wellbeing overall. He understands the barriers that keep families and communities from receiving the support they need and with his experience and expertise, he is working on reducing the stigma’s and bringing more awareness to overall health, whether mental, physical or emotional. He is a big advocate for self care and how working together can enhance the quality of life of the community by reminding people that they are not alone and there’s resources available for them.


“BBC means community. It is a place where youth and adults can come and know they will be listened too. It is a meeting where families and providers meet to work together on reducing the gap between resources and the needs of the community. If I have to describe the BBC in one word, it would be “ Family”.”


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